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((I know you've read this before Vixen, but I thought it was a good example of Tom))

Her barefeet squeaked slightly as she grooved her way into the living room, balancing the bowl of yoghurt on one hand, she licked the spoon as she did a little twirl and poked at the stereo with her toe to skip to the next song. Her long slender legs moved fluidly as she danced her way around the room for a moment, the spoon in her mouth as she hummed. Bambi was wearing her favourite tiny denim shorts, and a shirt that nearly covered her navel, it was checked black and white and sleeveless. As always she was opting for the least amount of clothing that was feasibly possible.
Her blond hair curled over her shoulders as she looked down at her feet where a small kitten was twining between them. She tipped her head and raised an eyebrow.
'What do you want, furball?' she asked around the spoon.
The tiny kitten planted itself looking up at her and posed as best he could, playing the cute card for all it was worth.
'What have you got in there?' the pompous British voice asked.
Bambi smirked at the kitten and shook her head, pulling the spoon from her mouth.
'Nothin' for you. You think I eat cat food?'
'I'd believe you'd put anything in that foul mouth of yours.' Tom retorted snidely as he turned his back on her. 'Besides, someone's been eating my CatMeow, I'm sure of it.'
He jumped onto the arm of the sofa and curled into an indignant ball.
'Why in the hell would anyone want to eat your stinky cat food?' Bambi shook her head as she danced over to the mirror to examine her face for a moment.
'How should I know?' Tom snarled, 'You're all mad. And you do all sorts of ridiculous things when you're drunk.'
Bambi scoffed and turned on the cat, he was the only one in the apartment at that point, and she had to argue with someone.
'I do not!' She exclaimed, waving the spoon in his direction.
Tom pulled himself up to his full height, coughing in disagreement. If he was forced to admit it, he quite enjoyed his debates with his witch's 'roommate'. It certainly passed the time, and he enjoyed running rings around her mentally.
'What about the time you told your beau of the evening that you could juggle me?' He demanded hotly.
Bambi grinned at him for a moment, 'Beau?' She smirked and then shrugged, 'Besides, I could have done it...'
'Like bloody hell you could have!' Tom exclaimed.
'Sure I could.' She nodded and walked over to him, scooping him up in her free hand, 'I'll do it right now if you don't believe me.'
She started to wave him up and down, his little indignant voice crying out as she whizzed him through the air, 'Stop it! Stop it immediately! I'll make you pay! You'll regret this!'
Bambi giggled and placed the dizzy kitten back on the floor, watching him totter from side to side. She scraped her spoon around the edge of the bowl and popped the last few bits of yoghurt into her mouth. Tom stood for a moment and then tipped sideways, landing prone on the floor. Bambi looked down at him and then winced, placing the bowl on the coffee table quickly.
'Ah, shit... Furball? You OK?'
'No I am not bloody well OK.' He said, stressing the last word to express his displeasure at using the American-ism, but making no effort what-so-ever to stand up. Bambi crouched beside him and sighed.
'You're fine, stop being a drama queen. Come on, if you're good, I'll take you out somewhere.'
Tom raised his head slightly, breaking the sulk. 'Where?' He inquired somewhat suspiciously.
Bambi grinned as she sat next to him and pulled her legs up underneath herself.
'I dunno, anywhere!' She poked him with one finger. 'Come on, it'll be fun.'
Tom sighed dramatically. 'Alright then.' he agreed finally and pulled himself to his tiny feet. Bambi scooped him up in her hand and leaving the bowl on the coffee table, headed over to where her shoes had been abandoned by the front door.
'Kate'll be out all day. So you and me, we can do whatever the hell we want. What do you fancy Tommy? Chinese food?'
Tom shuddered at the suggestion, his white fur bristling against her hand. 'You know how I feel about that.' He grumbled at her.
Bambi winked at him and crouched to pull her converse sneakers on. She laced them, balancing Tom on her hand while he grunted at being passed about. When she was ready she grabbed her keys from the jar where Kate kept them by the door and smacked the crystal hanging in front of the entrance.
'Let's go!' She grinned and stomped down the stairs.

San Fran was in the middle of one of its hottest summers, and Bambi was glad to be out of the house, in the fresh air. She was also glad of her choice of clothing that ran to small and smaller. She chatted merrily to Tom as she walked along, carrying him neatly in one hand. Bambi wasn't the sort of person who cared whether people were looking at her funny for talking to a cat, and after all, it was San Fran. She was the least of the weirdoes.
'We could go to the movies?'
'That American, brainless drivel? I don't think so.'
'Are you mad?'
'What about the swimming pool? Nice and cool...?'
Tom shuddered. 'Oh please. Don't be so ridiculous.’
Bambi huffed and stopped in the middle of the street to look down at the kitten in her hand in frustration. She put her hand on her hip and brought the other one up to her face so she could look him in the eyes.
'No wonder you never go out! You're such a wet blanket! What do you do for fun then Mr. Smarty-no-pants?'
Tom rolled his bright blue eyes and gave her a thoroughly withering look before considering exactly what he did want to do that sunny Saturday afternoon.
'Art Gallery?' he said, smiling his best kitten smile.
'No way!'
Museum of Ancient History?'
Tom narrowed his eyes at her, becoming frustrated. 'The park?' He demanded, glaring at her.
'Fine!' She sneered back at him and started to walk again. It took both of them a few seconds to realise that they had agreed on something.
'This will be lovely fun.' Tom offered cheerfully.
Bambi grinned. 'Hot guys playing Frisbee…’
Tom clicked his tongue in disgust and tried to pretend he wasn't with her.

The park was full of young and old, children ran in and out of the fountain and people cycled past in groups. The place was packed with sun-seekers and picnicers. Bambi found them a shady tree and carefully placed Tom on the soft green grass. He smiled up at her and looked around.
'Most civilised. If it wasn't for all these idiots, it would be perf... Oh! A leaf!' Tom scampered frantically after a falling leaf, missing it considerably. Not to be put off he hid down in the grass, preparing himself to stalk said leaf. As he wiggled his tail in the air in a concentrated fashion, Bambi laughed and sank down into the grass, to lean her back against the tree.
Tom growled slightly in a completely non-threatening kitten manner and then leapt into the air, barely clearing the grass as he threw himself towards the leaf in question.
The offending object skipped out of his frantic claws as he reached it and he began to chase it desperately.
'Come here! You'll pay for your disrespect! Fear me!' Tom exclaimed as he tackled the leaf.

Bambi tipped her head up and ignored the tiny leaping creature near her feet. She looked up through the branches of the tree and stared at the sky.
'That's a cute kitten.'
She put her hand over her eyes to shield the sun as she looked up at the man smiling down at her.
'Thanks. He's just the sweetest thing.'
The guy crouched down next to her and smiled as he watched Tom lying on his back with a leaf between his teeth. He seemed to be trying to disembowel it with his back feet.
'Take that my crunchy foe.' He mumbled and Bambi coughed loudly over the small British voice.
'You wanna get an ice-cream?' She said as she stood, bending to scoop Tom up into her palm, leaving him clutching wildly at the pieces of leaf that remained after his razor claws had destroyed most of it.
'Sure. I'm Peter.' He said as she walked past him over to where the ice-cream man had stopped his cart. Bambi swung her hips as she crossed the grass quickly, leaning in to speak to Tom.
'Now play nice fluff-ball.'
'Why should I? You're using me as your... your... kitty-pimp! I will not to be a party to this disgusting display of...'
'I'll buy you an ice-cream if you shut up.' Bambi offered smirking.
'Chocolate fudge sauce.' Tom demanded.
'OK... but you have to pretend to be cute.' She countered.
Tom paused and looked between Bambi and the ice-cream man for a moment. 'Very well, your terms are accepted... Hussy.'
Bambi grinned at him and kissed him on the head.

She bought herself and Peter an ice-cream each, and then bought a small cup full of vanilla and chocolate fudge sauce for Tom. She dug the money out of her pocket, and winked at Peter as she handed him his. They returned to the tree and sat down, as she placed Tom back on the ground she heard him mutter.
'Ah leaf, my old advisory.'
Bambi threw him a warning look and he sighed heavily before meowing in a vaguely convincing manner. Bambi placed the ice-cream in a cup on the grass for him and he galloped over to it, shoving into it, face first.

Peter watched Tom licking at the ice-cream and then returned his gaze to where Bambi was watching him with her slightly predatory gaze. She licked the ice-cream cone slowly, running her tongue over the white surface of it. As it slowly started to melt, some dripped onto her bare leg. Bambi grinned at him and bent over to lick the liquid off her skin.
'You can get the next one.' She grinned at him and turned back to her ice-cream.
He smiled at her, slightly dumbstruck and seemed to have forgotten his own ice-cream which had melted down his hand.
'So...so... What do you do?' He asked her lamely.
Bambi opened her mouth to come out with something flirtatious when a loud British voice shouted from near their feet.
Bambi's eyes shot down to where Tom seemed to have been dragged into the cup by his frozen treat.
'HELP! It's possessed! Demon cream! Save me!" he squealed as he tried to claw his way out of the fudge.
Peter gasped, dropping his ice-cream onto the grass. 'Holy shit!' He exclaimed and scrambled to his feet. Bambi reached over, throwing her own ice-cream onto the grass, and tried to pry Tom out of the mess. She dug into it with her fingers, trying to excavate him.
'Oh man, Tom this is foul!'
Bambi lifted the fudge and cream covered kitten clear of the cup and screwed her nose up as the mixture ran down her arm. Peter looked down at her in shock.
'It... it... it...' He pointed at Tom, who looked up at him through a layer of brown and white sludge.
'Yes, it talks! And a lot more efficiently and eloquently than you, you blithering idiot!'
Bambi looked from her hand covered in wet, sticky kitten to the young man with a horrified look on his face. She rolled her eyes.
'Jesus Tom...' She sighed and stood up.
'Don't litter.' She said to Peter and indicated the dropped ice-creams, before turning and walking away, holding the mess of fur and fudge as far away from her body as possible.

As they walked home Tom started to place blame.
'Why? Why would you think a cup was a good idea! I could have drowned! Then how would you feel?'
Bambi flicked her fingers as she tried to remove some of the mess from her skin.
'How would I feel? Maybe like I had a moment’s peace? Maybe like I was going to hook up with a cute guy?'
Tom rolled his eyes and scoffed, 'Is that all you ever think about? You have more than enough men in your life, and I would very much appreciate it if you didn't use me as a pick up line! I feel violated!'
Bambi rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him. Eventually once inside the house, she took him to the bathroom and dumped him in the sink.
'This is gonna suck for you.' She smirked at him.
Tom looked up at her and then at the taps.
'No! NO! NOOOOOO!' his desperate cries faded beneath the sound of flowing water and Bambi's chuckles.


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Oct. 15th, 2008 09:54 am (UTC)

Kitty-pimp and demon cream are the best bits of this story. I love it to pieces!!
Oct. 15th, 2008 10:00 am (UTC)
I couldn't think of a title, so that's got that sorted!!
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